It’s a beautiful life

Cara and Zach were just as sweet as can be! From the moment we had our consultation, I knew they were TRULY in love. Ok, thats cheesy, but its true. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry when Zach saw Cara walking down the isle! I loved all the little touches Cara and Zach added to their big day! Blooms and Grooms out of Shawnee Kansas provided some AMAZING bouquets! The pearl detailing in the flowers was so elegant and classy and complimented Cara’s pearl earrings! Oh and lets talk about those bridesmaids! When it came to photos outside at the gold course, I’ve never met a more giggly group of girls! Love all the shots we got of them just hanging out laughing and cherishing Cara’s day! Since Zach and Cara are big MU fans they of course had to have an MU cake on their cake display. Oh wait, I guess it was KU, my bad :). Anyways, your here to see photos, not read a book! Leave some love for Zach and Cara! Congrats from Marie Photography!

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