Stewart Wedding

What an amazing wedding this was! I was thrilled when Chelsey asked me to photograph her big day! My assistant, driver… Aka, my hubby and I packed up our things and headed to Iowa on September 27th! From a vintage hair salon, to a GORGEOUS makeup beauty bar(check out those photos!), Chelsey was nothing short of the most beautiful bride ever! I think Greg might agree, (check out the looks on his face when he first sees her walk down the isle!!)

The day started off with some downpours but quickly turned into a bright sunny day filled with love, laughter, and paper rock scissors… That’s right! Chelsey and Greg are anything but an ordinary couple! They paper rocked scissor’ed to see who would read their vows first! Chelsey choked back tears and I couldn’t help but shed some myself! Ok I am a lush and cry at every wedding, but this one, I cried a little extra!

Ok enough talk, I know you are here for the photos! So enjoy this sneak preview of their gallery and leave your congrats for the couple! Photos can be ordered through the couple’s link.

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