Maternity Rose Milk Bath

There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant glowing mother to be. The beaming light that falls off these beautiful mothers is just stunning. Women’s bodies are just amazing. They grow these amazing little babies and they are all just so perfect in every way from the top of their head to the tips of their toes.  Some of my favorite photography sessions are maternity sessions. You get to catch the mom to be in all her beauty. She’s focusing on her belly and the love she has for the little one inside.

A beautiful trending session right now is maternity milk bath or milk showers. You would think with as many beautiful moms to be that I have photographed I would have done this by now. I’ve been wanting to do one of these sessions for a long time. Awhile back I did a milk bath and fruit loops session with my toddler.  It was so much fun and it just made my desire to do a milk maternity session that much more. I finally found the mama that would love to do the milk bath. I bought 3 gallons of milk and 3 dozen roses. We did the session in my home’s master bathroom during the afternoon when the light was perfect. We only ended up needing one gallon of milk and one dozen rose petals. The images ended up even more stunning than I imagined. This mom was absolutely beautiful and perfect for this shoot. Everything about this session was wonderful. You would not believe that she had her sweet little baby the following week.

I can not wait to get one of these blown up on canvas to put on my studio wall. Treat yourself to one these beautiful sessions. You will not regret it.
You can book on my website at

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