Yoakum Wedding

As a photographer we get to capture many special memories for our clients. From engagements and weddings to newborn babies and birthdays. These milestones that we capture mean so much to us so we can only imagine what they mean to you. We love to see our clients happy. But, the absolute most honoring moments are when our own family members trust us to capture their memories for them. That is exactly what happened with this wedding. My brother married the lady of his dreams and boy is she perfect for him! I was so happy to see him find true love and happiness. I was even more joyful when they asked me to be their wedding photographer. Their rustic country wedding was the perfect representation of their lives. Two people, that love cats, bonfires, country music, and living a simple life.

To kick off the day the bride and her wedding party got ready at Studio 417 in Springfield, MO. They enjoyed the morning being pampered and drinking  mimosas. The wedding and reception was held at Venue 481 just right outside Springfield, MO. And when I say right outside, I mean like 45 minutes of winding roads to get to the most remote field and barn possible hehe! No cell phone reception to be found out there LOL!  It was a beautiful country rustic setting. With the barns and sawmills and the 14 wooded acres there were picture opportunities everywhere you looked. We did a first look prior to the wedding. As a photographer, I personally love these moments. To see my brother so shamelessly in love see his bride for the first time, you just had to of been there !

After a quick ten minute ceremony, they got right down to the party! The reception was a wild and energetic night with tons of two steppin, beer drinking fun! They truly put on a good party for all of their friends and family.

This wedding will be one that I will always cherish. We gained a new sister, daughter, granddaughter and friend that day. They are both so lucky to have each other. I wish them many bonfire dates with too many beers and nights filled with dancing under the stars as they start their new life together! ❤

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